CONNECT WITH YOUR REMOTE WORKERS who live in the Denver Metro area

Enroll your company in an employer sponsored Food delivery program. 

Demonstrate your appreciation and care for your employees from afar by staying connected over a meal. 

allow employees to select a meal kit weekly, monthly, or quarterly and modern plate will make the deliveries! 


Add Modern Plate to your office building with a free standing, self-service freezer for grab n’ go dinners. Employees will love the convenience of a hassle-free dinner, helping them to relax after work and rejuvenate for another day.


Increase employee retention and satisfaction with an ongoing meal perk! Many companies are seeking ways to attract and retain top talent, allow Modern Plate to help. 

Offer an ongoing discount code for employees to use whenever a busy day arises.

Modern Plate Kiosks

Great for country clubs, gyms, childcare facilities, community centers, apartments, and multi-tenant buildings. 

allow your patrons the convenience of grab n’ go Meal Kit while at your establishment.

Smart technology allows purchases 24/7 with the use of a credit card. 

The machine senses what was taken and charges the credit card accordingly, then provides an emailed receipt.

We take care of it all! 

Modern Plate manages the customer service, inventory, and kiosk stocking.

Let’s Connect On Your Business’ Needs